Palestra Machine Learning in Building HVAC Control and Demand Response

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Uma palestra com o ex-acadêmico do curso de Engenharia Elétrica da UFMS  Emilio Tanowe de tema: Controle de sistemas de condicionamento climático usando Machine Learning, será apresentada nesta quinta-feira, dia 09 de maio no auditório do curso de Arquitetura e Urbanismo da Faculdade de Engenharias, Arquitetura e Urbanismo e Geografia da Universidade Federal de Mato grosso do Sul.

Title: “Machine Learning in Building HVAC Control and Demand Response”

Abstract: Electrical grids are undergoing a substantial change in recent years. The classical picture of consumer centres being passive agents in the network merely receiving the demanded energy from large generators has become outdated. Nowadays special consumers can help stabilize the network by dynamically adjusting their demands in accordance to directives given by the grid operator. The high energy consumption profile of office buildings associated with their heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems make them particularly suitable for such task. In this talk we will briefly explore how machine learning methods in combination with model predictive control (MPC) are being used to tackle these problems.

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